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You have the opportunity to watch over your home from anywhere and at any time of day or night. A smart house has excellent video quality, live streaming and two-way audio.

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Smart Home Security
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Control Lighting

Control Smart Lighting is an idea addition to any security system. With Control Lighting, your shades and lights can turn on and off at intervals to resemble activity within the home while you’re away. All interior and exterior lights can also flash repeatedly if an alarm is triggered, alerting neighbors or authorities of unusual activity or unauthorized access to your home.

Smart Home Security

A Smart Home Security system works for you all the time. It keeps you aware of what’s happening at home with real-time text or email alerts, even when disarmed. Alerts can tell you when your teenager arrives home from school, when a door or window is left open too long, or a drawer containing valuables is opened.

Adjust Climate

Everybody loves comfortable life, and thermal comfort is one of its basic aspects. Having control over the elements cannot be underestimated, and being satisfied with your thermal environment is very important for those who value their wellbeing.

Use Eco Energy

To make your home eco-friendly, use green energy. It is sometimes called renewable energy due to its origin: natural sources like wind, sunlight and water. Thankfully, day by day, eco-energy becomes more popular and cost-effective around the world.

Control Lighting
Smart Home Security
Adjust Climate
Use Eco Energy

Installation Cost

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Doorbells, floodlights

Basic Installation

From $75
"See what you need to see without be there."
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Hardwire / wireless

Home Security

From $200
"Get Smart Home Techs to install your security and sleep easier."
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Lights, Blinds, Home Theater

Home Automation

From $200
"Communication and control in one place."

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“The entire experience has been absolutely incredible from the moment we’ve opened our front door. It’s unusual to get someone who really wows you in terms of their customer service, but they did!”

Samantha Green

Samantha Green

Greensboro, NC

“Your company handled everything perfectly: from design to implementation. The on-site technicians went above and beyond to make sure the interface was customized to our lifestyle and preferences.”

Angie Allen

Angie Allen

Columbia, SC

“I am so grateful for Smart Home Tech Installations. These guys  know their stuff. The controls for lighting, alarm, climate and media worked immediately after the installation. Everything just sort of fell into place after a short while. I definitely recommend!”

Madeline	Butler

Madeline Butler

Charlotte, NC
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